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About Us

Our Values
Sofotec has come a long way since our founding in 2000, evolving from a small enterprise to an established organisation specialising in state of the art and high tech products and also providing trading and distribution services. We endeavour to continuously achieve customer satisfaction by providing the highest standards of care and service that customers deserve and maintain our focus on operating results while simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards.
We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business and these core values are at the heart of every decision we make. While we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, the nature of our business requires a focused, long-term approach. We consistently strive to improve efficiency and productivity through learning, sharing, and implementing best practices. We are disciplined and selective in evaluating the range of investment opportunities available to us.
Everything we do at Sofotec is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence, and an unfaltering commitment to provide the best services in the market. We aspire to be at the leading edge of competition in every aspect of our business and to achieve our goals by flawlessly executing our business plans and by adhering to our corporate values.

Integrity & Ethics
As part of our commitment to corporate governance principles, Sofotec attaches a very high priority to ethical business conduct in the markets in which we operate. We engage employees, contractors and agents on the basis that their integrity in the conduct of their work is critical to our business and reputation.
Sofotec has always been committed to conducting our business lawfully and with integrity. Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all and complete transparency.
We welcome your comments, questions and thoughts about our Company's ethics and integrity. Your comments will be treated in confidence.

Our People
Quite simply, a company is its people. At Sofotec, we're dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential.
The exceptional quality of our workforce provides a valuable competitive edge. To build on this advantage, we will strive to hire and retain the most qualified people available and to maximize their opportunities for success through training and development. We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment enriched by diversity and characterized by open communication, trust, and fair treatment.

Our Customers
Success depends on our ability to consistently satisfy ever changing customer preferences. We commit to be responsive while offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.
We consider our ability to build a wide range of strong, long-term relationships to be both a key strength and crucial to our success. We aim to form partnerships and work within the management frameworks embedded in our joint venture and agreements to ensure safe and reliable operations, and for the mutual commercial benefit of our joint venture partners and us.

Improving our organisation
We also recognise the need to constantly look at and improve our own organization. So, for example, we work to rigorous health and safety standards and hold all our employees to a code of conduct. We hold all new projects to a set of stringent requirements, and we encourage all employees of Sofotec, to raise any concerns they have about the business.
We also regularly invite our customers, suppliers and others to tell us what they think of Sofotec.

Our Earth
At Sofotec, we believe it is our responsibility to do business in a way that enriches our planet. As part of our commitment to the continual improvement of environmental performance, we have taken a number of appropriate measures to address key areas of environmental concern.
Everything we do is guided by our focus on the "greening" of management, processes and workplaces. Our green management policy guides and supports the continuous enhancement of greener environment through all of our business activities and workplace operations.