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SMARTEC SA, a member of Nova Metrix Group, is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of measurement and integrated structural health monitoring systems which set standards for innovation, quality, ease of use and durability. Their domains of expertise cover in particular civil & geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, oil & gas industry and energy distribution.

SMARTEC Structural Health Monitoring System provides you the most advanced, cost effective and highly accurate method to obtain useful information from the structure as well as conducting long term, real time structural health monitoring. Their product range also includes various sensors (fiber optic, vibrating wire and conventional), data acquisition systems and software for data management and analysis.

The main advantages of their sensors are that they allow monitoring at a global structural level. Data provided are accurate and of high resolution. These sensors are insensitive to environmental influences, durable and long-term stability.

Applications range from Pipelines, Bridges, Buildings, Structures, Railways and Shipyards etc.

To date, more than 7000 SOFO® Sensors have been installed in Singapore for the residential buildings, bridges, sky bridges and factory buildings for long-term structural health monitoring.

Sofotec is the exclusive representative in Singapore and Malaysia