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For over 30 years, URETEK® injection techniques have led the world in offering the most advanced and accurate systems for floor slab lifting and stabilisation. Research and innovation resulted in the unique URETEK® Deep-Injection application for soil stabilisation.

The URETEK® Method is a patented process. A convenient, clean and fast procedure which does not require occupants or machinery to move out, so there's no re-location cost and interruption of daily operation. Larger jobs can be done one area at a time, or even at night.

The URETEK® injection material employs a high density resin that quickly cures to a strong, stable, thermoset polymer material that is resilient, insoluble and highly resistant to chemical attack and long term degradation and is environmentally neutral. It seals and fills voids and accurately lifts, stabilise and re-level pavements, floors and buildings and realign concrete slabs and other structural/building elements to improve the bearing capacity of inadequate foundation strata which are resting directly on the ground.

Applications range from industrial, commercial and residential projects to highways, railways and airport tarmac and taxi-way. It is possible to correct all manner of problems concerning floors, foundations, roads, bridges or entire buildings.

The URETEK® Method is not franchised: It's a complex solution requiring Uretek® Ground Engineering's team of highly trained professionals operating from completely self-contained mobile units with highly specialised equipment.

Minimal disruption – Fast - Economical – Permanent

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