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our solutions

Structural Health monitoring (SHM)

smart structures

bridges & tunnels

oil,gas & Chemical plant

cloud & wireless network

buildings & structures

pipeline leak & Intrusion detection

asset integrity

Climate change

Our experts advise on integrated strategies and solutions for building resilience into infrastructure.


infrastructure / equipment hardening


wireless monitoring

seafront promenade


hazard mitigation, remote monitoring


24/7 monitoring

coastal defence

Coastal protection

specialist grouting


an innovative, cost-effective and non-disruptive alternatives to the more traditional repair and piling methods.

slab lifting

a lightweight expanding resin that is able to fill voids and lift concrete slabs when injected into the ground.

resin is injected to expand and compact at multiple depths.
Expansion of resin compact weak soil layers and in turn consolidate foundation of ground with forces up to 10,000 kilopascals

void Filling

Void filling solutions can be used to fill any size of void. Our systems are ideal for filling pipelines, basements, tunnels and conduits.

ground improvement

Advanced Compaction Grouting System for use where test confirm weak soil strata and suitable conditions.

Ground bearing capacity could be improved by up to 500% and stabilised quickly and non-disruptively.

our works

structural health monitoring for smart buildings

  • Global alignment and standardisation and experience from architects, engineers and designers,
  • facilities condition assessment
  • Health and safety excellence
  • Increased design and build quality
  • Reduced maintenance and running costs
  • On-going maintenance and support

train viaduct wireless cloud monitoring

  • design planning and review
  • cost consulting
  • facilities condition assessment
  • displacement, vibration, acceleration
  • Increased speed to market
  • Quality assurance/quality control

slab lifting for warehouses & Airport taxiway

  • master planning
  • Damage assessments
  • Design and reconstruction
  • Infrastructure hardening
  • Rapid repair solutions
  • Health and safety excellence
  • Increased design and build quality
  • 10 year warranty

leak and intrusion detection for smart pipelines

  • Over 4 km of pipelines monitored
  • Health and safety excellence
  • design management
  • cost management
  • Commissioning
  • On-going maintenance and support